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Clean install of Windows 7 on your PDC 2009 Acer Tablet PC

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When I put an Intel SSD in the laptop I received at Microsoft PDC2009 I spend a lot of time trying to get the existing partitions moved to the new drive. I was convinced that this would be the easiest. I would have VS2010, Windows 7 activated, Office 2010, and all the drivers needed.

However after pretty much a whole weekend I gave up, having destroyed the MBRs of both disks and set a mixture of both Windows and Linux boot flags on random partitions. I was thinking that it would be another two days before I could enjoy my new laptop fortified with a 160 GB Intel SSD and an extra 2 gigs of ram, but then I stumpled upon this guide and after a very short time the little box was up and running.. with everything. New Windows 7, Drivers, VS, Office, LINQPad and so forth. All the drivers needed magically appeared in Windows Update, maybe not so weird, it sort of is a Microsoft laptop.

If I should do it again, here’s how (or in other words ‘my guide to the guide’):

Skip Step 1.

Optionally skip step 2. (I never seem to use restore images anyway)

Do step 3.

In step 4 choose B (Not really a choice) and I highly recommend Method 1. I don’t know why it says time consuming !? AH.. of course when formatting your new drive choose quick format. So in the step 5 of the ‘How-to install Windows 7 from an USB stick’ guide  the format line should be:


Please select the RIGHT DRIVE, that is; your new, presumably empty drive. Use an external HDD enclosure/case/thing.

In step 5 (of the main guide)

Ignore all talk about Vista.

Do step 6. For me section B failed because my default printer wasn’t working, so I chose the XPS printer, and it ran fine. All done.

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December 8th, 2009 at 12:09 am

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